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Artist’s Bio — Linda McKenny

Linda McKenny nee Finnbogason was born of Icelandic heritage in Vancouver, B.C. in 1949.

She traveled east at the age of 12, and was educated in Montreal and worked in New York City for several years before returning home to B.C. in 1974.

Linda McKenny

She has studied, practiced and taught Art for 30 years. Linda attended Athabasca University, and achieved 2 years credits in the Liberal Arts, including Biology, Philosophy, Humanities, Psychology, Anthropology and Art. She had the good fortune to spend six semesters studying with Royal Academy alum Colin Williams. Mr. Williams’ paintings are included in the War Museum collection in Ottawa. Linda also attended the University of Calgary where she gained credits in Art History and Design. In addition, she attended numerous workshops in Art, and achieved certification from The Sheffield School of Design.

Calligraphy, drawing, oil painting and sculpture are all part of Linda’s repertoire.

She taught Art at O’Grady High School ( grades 8–12) and for Continuing Education in Prince George where she established the Artist’s Co-op. Her Interior Design skills were put to use while working for the Prince George Art Gallery where she redesigned the Gallery shop. She fell in love with clay in the 1990’s and spent the better part of that decade developing a line of sculpture and sculptured tile. Her sculpture "Little Buddies traveled B.C. with the Festival of the Arts.

The new millennium heralded a renewed interest in Oil Painting — her first love. Linda paints scenes that inspire her spirit and feels blessed to live in Beautiful B.C. Luckily, her husband Ed, who was born in Jasper, has lived and worked in scenic B.C.and Alberta all his life.

Their forays into some of the secluded spots of the interior provide an endless palette for her canvas. Her paintings can be viewed on her website —


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